About the Company

It was in the year 1992, when Mr. Ramdhani Jaiswal laid the foundation of Ideal Electric Stores which is presently known as A.R. Electricals. With a bent towards innovation coupled with the intention to introduce better quality fans at an economical price he zoomed in on the fan industry as his area of interest. This was the impetus that initiated the journey of Ideal Electric Stores and thereafter in the year 1994 Vijaya Plus was founded. Later on in the year he registered a new brand VIJETA. Henceforth every year marked a milestone in product innovation and large scale production of fans. A. R. Electricals now stands tall as one amongst the top fan manufacturers of Kolkata.

A. R. Electricals is involved in the manufacture of all types of electrical fans of better quality and durability. Customer satisfaction, product innovation, quality control and better service are the four pillars that have fostered high levels of trust and respect for the brand Vijaya Plus and Vijeta. A. R. Electricals maintains a proper Research and Development department which is seldom found in the fan industry. This R & D department is involved in all domains of production right from assembly of parts to packaging. The most unique aspect of A. R. Electricals is that all the major parts of fans are manufactured in its own workshop and is not outsourced to others. As a result A. R. Electricals is successful in stringently controlling quality and hence giving a better output with every assembled fan. Better R & D has led the company to come up with innovative products required by the customers like Power Saver (50W fan) and Swift 410 (48'' hi- speed fan) models of fans. These fans are seldom found in other brands.

A. R. Electricals has more recently come with newer products like electrical and electronic ballast and extension cord. All the ballasts manufactured are properly tested both at high and lower power to ensure consistent product durability. The Office and company owned showroom of Vijaya Plus and Vijeta is located in Kolkata. All the major decisions related to dealer selection, service, customer complaints and other matters are dealt here.

The motto at A. R. Electricals goes beyond the usual customer satisfaction; it is more to do with customer delight and enrapture. Hence all ideas and suggestions related to any domain of production and marketing are welcomed and cherished, so that we may serve you better and set a benchmark for others to follow.

Sri Ramdhani Jaiswal : The owner of A. R. Electricals (earlier Ideal Electric Stores) and the founder of Vijaya Plus, is a man with great leadership qualities and commendable entrepreneurship skills. Helmed by Sri Ramdhani Jaiswal and actively supported in body and spirit by his two sons Vijay Jaiswal (B.Sc; MBA) and Vinay Jaiswal (B.Com; MBA), Vijaya Plus and Vijeta is standing tall in the fan industry of Kolkata. This is what true entrepreneurship is all about. An excellent decision-maker with a dynamic outlook, he takes care of the finance, tackles labour problems and handles the procurement of spares and raw materials from the suppliers. He also takes care of the proper logistics of goods and is involved in every small and big decisions of the company. His managerial skills are noticeable in every aspect of production and under his leadership the family of all the brands under A. R. Electricals will always grow exponentially and will cross all the hurdles to become national brands.


Tax Identification No. :

•   GSTIN no. – 19AAWFA7584R1Z1 and Pan No. AAWFA7584R.



•   A/C NO.-0129073000010652

•   BANK IFSC: SIBL0000129



Company's Mission:

  1. At A. R. Electricals our mission is more than customer satisfaction; it is more with customer delight. Our mission is to become one of the largest producers of best quality fans and thereby to become a zero defect company.
  2. Our mission further expands to deliver error free and economical fans at the doorstep of each and every household of our country and thereby to impart delightment to both our customers and dealers.

Research and Development : At A. R. Electricals we believe that one can give better products to their customers only with a strong Research and Development facility. We are able to maintain a good research and development facility where we have experts from the fan industry who perform research on all aspects of production. It is because of these researches we are able to introduce newer products like Energy Saver fan 50 W and Swift 410 (48" hi- speed) fan models. Further, development of new designs of fans and proper quality testing both of raw materials and finished products are done in this department. These in-house research facilities help in producing error free, better quality and low maintenance fans which brings delightment to our customers.


Infrastructure : A. R. Electricals feels proud to have a state- of- art infrastructure. All the machines used for winding of armature of fans are of latest technology for extra precision and longevity of armatures and the entire winding job is done in company owned workshop. Further we have a separate workshop for blade manufacturing in which blade painting and other manufacturing work is done. The assembly unit has better packaging machines for better packaging of goods. It is because of a better Infrastructure we are able to maintain huge range of products that we have in our portfolio. A better infrastructure has made A. R. Electricals proud of its quality and hence has gained the trust of its clients.


ISO 2008 to 2015 :  At A. R. Electricals we are always committed to our mission of manufacturing defect free fans. To facilitate this practice A. R. Electricals has implemented a Quality Management System in which meets the requirements laid down in ISO 9001 : 2008 making it one amongst the very few in the fan industry who have such system of manufacturing.

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